Vanilla facts

Vanilla is a spice that has always been valued above others. It is used, as a rule, to flavor desserts. The birthplace of vanilla is South America. For the first time, Indian tribes began to use it.

Later, the Aztecs began to use this amazing spice. They began to add vanilla to their classic drink - chocolate. Ancient healers advised drinking vanilla broth in case of problems with potency. This spice was very expensive. It was appreciated not only for its pleasant aroma, but also for its unique properties.

Natural vanilla is the strongest aphrodisiac. The Indians rubbed the spice on the body and laid it around the house. Many tribes used vanilla pods as cash. They were exchanged for some things. Mexican farmers tagged each pod to prevent theft. In European countries, fragrant vanilla appeared in the 16th century.

She quickly gained popularity. The exotic scent of vanilla has become a sign of prestige. In Russia, she fell in love with the ladies of high society. For example, Elizabeth I loved vanilla sweets.

The French began to grow vanilla on the island of Reunion (Indian Ocean). Currently, vanilla is produced in Madacascar and some tropical countries. Manual labor is used on plantations.