Interesting facts about kangaroo

The most famous symbol of Australia is the kangaroo. Interesting facts about him are striking in their singularity. This animal was first seen by Europeans, and it was initially assumed that it had 2 heads. These are not all interesting facts about kangaroos. A lot of secrets about this animal can still be told. Interesting facts about kangaroos include research results, statistics, and physiological characteristics of the animal.

1. Interesting facts from the life of a kangaroo confirm the fact that today there are more than 60 species of this animal.

2. The kangaroo is able to stand on its tail, striking hard with its hind legs.

3 Baby kangaroos leave the pouch at 10 months of age.

4.Kangaroos have keen eyesight and hearing.

5. The kangaroo is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 56 km / h.

6.About 9 meters high, the kangaroo can jump.

7. Each type of kangaroo cubs are carried only in a pouch.

8. Kangaroos can only jump forward.

9. It is only when the heat subsides that the kangaroos go to look for their food.

10. There are approximately 50 million kangaroos in Australia.

11. The longest kangaroos are the gray ones. They can be up to 3 meters long.

12.Gestation in a female kangaroo lasts from 22 to 40 days.

13. Some females may be constantly pregnant.

14. Kangaroos live from 8 to 16 years.

15. The number of kangaroos in Australia is 3 times the population of this continent.

16. Kangaroos start kicking the ground when they sense danger.

17 The kangaroo was named by the Australian aborigines.

18.Only a female kangaroo has a bag.

19. Kangaroo ears are able to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

20. The social animal is the kangaroo. They are used to living in a group of 10 to 100 individuals.

21. Male kangaroos are capable of having sex 5 times a day.

22. A kangaroo embryo is born slightly larger than a worm.

23 The kangaroo bag contains milk of different fat contents.

24. Kangaroos can go without liquid for several months. They drink little.

25. In 1980, kangaroo meat was allowed in Australia.

26. A kangaroo can hit so hard that it will kill an adult.

27. Baby kangaroos pee and poop inside their mom's bag. The female has to clean her regularly.

28 Woody kangaroos are unable to perspire.

29. A few days after the baby is born, female kangaroos can mate again.

30. Female kangaroos are able to determine the sex of the future cub.

31. Female kangaroos have 3 sheaths. Two of them conduct seminal fluid into the uterus, of which there are also 2.

32. Female kangaroos are more attracted to males with pumped up muscles.

33. Kangaroo is considered the largest mammal that moves by jumping.

34. Only 2% of the fat is found in the body of kangaroos, so by eating their meat, people are fighting obesity.

35 There is a movement in Australia that protects the kangaroo.

36. The higher the speed of the kangaroo, the less energy this animal spends.

37.The smallest representatives of the kangaroo genus are the wallaby.

38 In English, male, female and baby kangaroos have different names.

39. Baby kangaroos have no fur.

40. An adult kangaroo weighs about 80 kilograms.

41. The instinct of self-preservation is especially developed in kangaroos.

42. Kangaroos can swim.

43. Kangaroos are incapable of letting go of gases. Their body is not able to survive metabolism.

44. Sand flies are the worst enemies of kangaroos. Often kangaroos go blind after being attacked.

45.Three-meter fence this animal can jump over without difficulty.

46. ​​Kangaroos are not afraid of people and are not dangerous to them.

47. The most famous species of this animal is the red kangaroo.

48. A kangaroo's tail is between 30 and 110 centimeters long.

49. The kangaroo's tail is often called the fifth paw because it keeps the animal in balance.

50. With the help of long short fingers, the kangaroo makes itself a "hairdo", combing their fur.