Interesting facts about the Colosseum

There are many secrets in the Colosseum, which is more than 2000 years old. This is one of the ancient buildings in Rome. The facts about the Colosseum will tell not only about the cultural monument and the times of its construction, but also about the events that took place there at different times in history. The Colosseum is not just ruins. All admirers of the Colosseum and Rome will like interesting facts about this place.

1.In 72 AD, the construction of the Colosseum began. And all this thanks to the order of the Emperor Vespasian.

2. Once there was a giant statue of Nero near the Colosseum.

3.The Colosseum was built on the territory of a former lake.

4. It took exactly 10 years to build the Colosseum.

5. The Colosseum is considered the largest amphitheater.

6. Seating was also in the Colosseum.

7.Approximately 50 thousand spectators were accommodated in the Colosseum.

8. The Colosseum is considered a graveyard for a large number of animals.

9. Colosseum was dismantled for building materials.

10. The most visited attraction in Rome is the Colosseum.

11. The Colosseum was meant to be visited by both the poor and the rich.

12. The Colosseum is among the greatest attractions not only in Italy, but throughout our planet.

13. The Colosseum was opened on a huge scale and fun that lasted 100 days.

14.In the arena of the Colosseum, at the time of 100 days of opening, approximately 5, 000 predators were killed.

15. The colosseum is oval in shape and built of bricks, tuff and travertine.

16. The Colosseum had 64 huge entrances.

17 Rich people have always settled in special places in the Colosseum, which were located at the bottom of this building.

18. The Colosseum has no ceiling.

19. The Colosseum began to collapse only after the fall of the Roman Empire.

20. From the very beginning, the Colosseum was to be called the Roman Amphitheater of the Flavians.

21. During the construction of the Colosseum, 100 thousand cubic meters of marble were used.

22.The Colosseum was built in such a way that spectators could fill the seats in just 15 minutes.

23. For each spectator of the Colosseum, a seat was allocated with a seat, the width of which reached 35 centimeters.

24. The Colosseum was erected on a 13 meter high concrete foundation.

25. From Latin the Colosseum is translated as "colossal".

26. The architect of this building is Quintius Aterius.

27 In its original form, the Colosseum had only 3 floors.

28.The Colosseum is considered the main symbol and hallmark of Rome.

29. The light in the Colosseum fell differently due to the oval shape of this ancient building.

30. It happened when the arena of the Colosseum was flooded with water and real naval battles were organized.

31.The Colosseum is the only structure from the ancient world that has survived to this day.

32. The Colosseum is the site of the martyrdom of the early Christians.

33. Roman residents spent a third of their own lives in the Colosseum.

34. Today, the Colosseum can only be viewed from the outside for free.

35. Previously, the entrance to the Colosseum was free and spectators were even fed there.

36. Paul McCartney was the first artist to perform on the grand stage of the Colosseum.

37. Almost half a million people lost their lives in the arena of the Colosseum.

38.The Colosseum was built in 3 stages.

39. The first number in the Colosseum has always been clowns and cripples. After that, gladiator fights and fights with animals took place.

40. During the reign of Emperor Macrinus, the Colosseum suffered from a terrible fire.

41. Today, the Colosseum is guarded by the Italian government.

42. Vibrations from public transport cause enormous damage to the Colosseum.

43. The construction of the Colosseum was completed during the reign of Emperor Titus.

44.The Colosseum has lost two-thirds of its original weight over the years.

45 The Colosseum was filming a fight between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.

46.The Colosseum is the most visited tourist attraction in the world.

47 The gladiators who fought in the arena of the Colosseum had the same imagination.

48.The location of the sites in the Colosseum reflected the hierarchy of Roman society.

49.The arena of the Colosseum was covered with a layer of sand 15 centimeters thick.

50. Divine services are held periodically at the Colosseum.

51.The Colosseum hosted not only gladiatorial fights, but also sports and theatrical performances.

52. Animals for battles in the Colosseum were brought from various states.

53 The first Christians also died in the Colosseum.

54. Coming to the Colosseum, people were distracted from their everyday worries and problems.

55.The bodies of slaves who died within the walls of the Colosseum were simply thrown into the trash.

56. Under the building of the Colosseum, mines were drilled.

57 Demons were summoned within the walls of the Colosseum. This was done by a Sicilian priest.

58. For 4, 5 centuries, the Colosseum was used for its intended purpose.

59. In 248, the Colosseum traditionally celebrated the millennium of Rome.

60.The Colosseum began to be perceived as an architectural monument only in the 18th century.

61. By drinking the blood of the Colosseum that fell in the arena, the epileptic could get rid of his own disease.

62 In 200 AD, women began to participate in bloodthirsty battles in the arena of the Colosseum.

63. Two kinds of spectacles took place in the Colosseum: fighting with animals and gladiatorial fights.

64.The Colosseum is considered one of the majestic structures.

65.The most complex structure of the Colosseum was considered to be the scheme of stairs and corridors.

66.The Colosseum was 188 meters long.

67. The soothsayer of Troubles the Venerable said that as long as the Colosseum exists, Rome also exists.

68. The Colosseum weighed 600 thousand tons.

69.The arena of the Colosseum was separated from the stands by a metal grill.

70. In the arena of the Colosseum, under the dictator Sulla, 100 lions were exhibited.