Interesting facts about carambola

Carambola is a delicious exotic fruit.

It is grown in Southeast Asia, where it is widely distributed.

Its taste is reminiscent of gooseberry, apple and cucumber at the same time, and the smell is similar to that of jasmine. It is impossible to accurately convey the amazing taste of carambola. Some people think that it smells like plums, grapes and apples.

In its cross section, the exotic takes the shape of a beautiful star. This feature led to its spread in the culinary arts of European countries.

The star fruit is a wonderful decoration for any dish. Carambola also attracts with its unique taste.

The fruit refreshes well, as it is very juicy. The undoubted advantage of carambola is the minimum calorie content. In this case, the fruit is simply saturated with vitamins. It contains riboflavin, pantonetic acid, thiamine, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and other elements.

The fruit can be eaten fresh directly with the peel. Some peoples prepare various dishes with carambola.

For example, in China, fish is made with this fruit, and in Hawaii, it is included in sherbet.

In Asia, sour fruits that are not fully ripe are more appreciated.

If you want to taste sweet carambola, then look for yellow-green fruits with fleshy side ribs.