Tamarillo facts

Tamarillo - the fruit is known among the inhabitants of tropical countries as the tomato tree.

The fruit really resembles a tomato, but has a more exotic passionfruit flavor.

Tamarillo has quite contradictory qualities. The delicate pulp should be eaten without catching the soft and very tasteless skin, which is most often simply cut off.

Even the fixed definition of tamarillo as a fruit is somewhat controversial. The closest relatives of this nightshade plant are vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, etc.

The fruit even got its sonorous name for advertising, that is, to increase interest among potential buyers in the 60s.

It is noteworthy that the increased demand for the fruits of the tomato tree arose due to the Second World War, when the supply of the usual citrus fruits to New Zealand almost stopped. Since then, the taste of tamarillo has become so fond of local residents and entrepreneurs that they began to grow it in large areas throughout the country.

And New Zealand has taken a leading place in the export market for this fruit and has gained a good reputation for excellent product quality, although tamarillo, like many tropical fruits, is very whimsical in terms of transportation and storage.