Interesting facts about Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa. The history of the name of the country is interesting - earlier on these lands was located the Monomotapa empire, the capital of which was called Zimbabwe. The history of these lands is very interesting, but it is so rich in events that it is a topic for a separate study.

1.The national currency of Zimbabwe since 2009 is the US dollar.

2.In Zimbabwe, a competition is held annually for the title of the ugliest man in the country with a prize fund of five hundred dollars.

3. The world famous Victoria Falls is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

4.One of the largest rivers in the country is also called Zimbabwe.

5. Until 1980, Zimbabwe was a British colony and was called Southern Rhodesia.

6.There is one of the world's largest artificial lakes - Lake Kariba. It is very popular with tourists, who, however, are few in Zimbabwe.

7. The average life expectancy in Zimbabwe is about forty years.

8.A significant share of the country's income comes from the export of coffee, in the production of which it occupies one of the leading positions in the world, as Madagascar in the production of vanilla.

9.A Kalashnikov assault rifle can be seen on the coat of arms of Zimbabwe.

10. The first president of the country bore the name Banana, and he even passed a law prohibiting jokes about his name.

11. Before independence from England, Zimbabwe was one of the most developed regions in Africa.

12. In 2009, inflation in Zimbabwe was 321 million percent per annum. The denominations of banknotes reached one hundred trillion Zimbabwean dollars. As a result, the government gave up and switched entirely to US dollars.

13. Before independence, the proportion of the white population in the territory of present-day Zimbabwe was growing, and after secession from Great Britain, it began to decline, and is now less than one percent.

14. Unemployment in Zimbabwe is about 80 percent, meaning only one in five Zimbabweans has a job.

15. In the depths of Zimbabwe lies a huge variety of minerals.

16. In the national Zimbabwean cuisine, vegetables and fruits are practically not used, but crocodile meat is popular.