Interesting facts about amber

The ancient Greeks believed that giving amber as a gift meant wishing you happiness. The stone gives optimism and self-confidence, helps to choose friends, attracts an object of love, sharpens intuition. In ancient times, it was noticed that amber burns and at the same time emits smoke with a pleasant smell. Many people know the word "finiam", but few know that finiam is just the smoke from burning small and not valuable amber. It was used in wedding rituals and other special occasions.

Where can I find Blue Amber?

Amber is commonly called a sun stone. There are many shades of it - from milky yellow to red-brown, almost black. But there is amber and an unusual blue color. This very rare and extremely beautiful amber is mined in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Nicaragua. On a light surface, such amber casts a light blue, and on a dark surface it changes its color to deep blue. It has a natural property to glow in the dark, which is associated with the presence of volcanic ash impurities in it. The difference in color of tropical amber compared to our Baltic amber is explained by the fact that yellow amber was formed from pine resin, and blue from carob resin.

What can you see in amber museums?

In the Natural History Museum in London, you can see the world's largest "Burmese amber" - and its weight is 15 kg. The Russian Amber Museum, located in the "Dona" tower in Kaliningrad, contains several thousand amber exhibits, including a nugget weighing 4 kg280 g. This is the second largest solid piece of amber found during the entire period of its extraction. In the Lithuanian city of Palanga, the Amber Museum is located in the Tyszkiewicz Palace. The rich collection of 5, 000 items occupies 15 rooms. Here you can also see the "Amber Sun" - a nugget weighing 3.5 kg. The most famous amber museum in Central America is the Mexican Hidden Stone Museum. It contains 10 thousand samples of amber with inclusions of algae, shells and even fish.

Healing amber attunement in Polish

The healing properties of amber have been known since time immemorial. Modern medicine uses it to obtain succinic acid - one of the best biostimulants, which also has anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic and anti-stress effects. The Poles regard amber with great respect - they consider amber tincture a panacea for all diseases. Here is the recipe for its preparation. Half a glass of untreated amber stones is poured into a glass of vodka and insisted in the dark, not forgetting to shake the dishes. Then the tincture is poured out, and vodka is again added to the amber. Three months later, stones are poured for the third time. All three tinctures are mixed and taken with tea - two or three teaspoons each. Poles are convinced that amber tincture ensures good health and good health, longevity and beauty.

How to identify real amber

To distinguish real amber from fake, you need to illuminate it with a fluorescent lamp. The shade and color of real amber will change, but the fake will remain the same.