Why in the East they eat with chopsticks

From time immemorial in China and Japan it is customary to eat with chopsticks.

Firstly, it is convenient: the wanderer did not need to carry cutlery with him, since the sticks were easily carved from any wood.

Secondly, rationally: you cannot take more food with chopsticks than you can chew.

Thirdly, it is good for health: according to Chinese doctors specializing in acupressure, a person using chopsticks massages about 40 vital points located on the arm while eating. Japanese doctors are sure that children who start eating with chopsticks develop much faster than those who eat from a spoon.

The sticks also have a symbolic meaning. They are presented to newlyweds as a symbol of harmony and inseparability, as well as to children - on the 100th day after birth, on the day of the “first sample of rice”. Sticks are made of wood, bone, and even metal.