Discoveries made in a dream

10th place

Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet, claimed that an angel showed him the alphabet in a dream.

9th place

Descartes once dreamed of an open book. In a dream, the spirit convinced Descartes that his life was destined to prove that mathematical principles are applicable in the knowledge of nature and can be of great benefit.

8th place

German chemist Friedrich Kekule saw in a dream a snake biting its own tail. After this dream, Keckle proposed the structure of the benzene molecule.

7th place

Friedrich Burdach dreamed about the idea of ​​blood circulation.

6th place

Otto Levy, a Nobel laureate, saw in a dream the nerve transmission of heart impulses.

5th place

There are memories of Niels Bohr about his dream about the structure of the atom - the nucleus and electrons dreamed of him in the form of a solar system with rotating planets.

4th place

Frederick Bunting's dream of an experiment he was conducting at the time led to the discovery of insulin.

3rd place

The greatest mathematician of India, Srinivasa Ramanujan, claimed that all his discoveries came to him in a dream from the Hindu goddess Namagiri (one of the incarnations of Lakshmi). In his dreams, she wrote the equations herself.

2nd place

Soviet aircraft designer Oleg Antonov saw in a dream and after awakening he sketched the shape of the tail of the giant Antey aircraft.

1st place

Elias Howe, who created a sewing machine in 1845, suffered for a long time, not knowing how to position the eye of the needle so that the thread would catch on the opposite side of the fabric. Once he dreamed that he was surrounded by a round dance of savages who took him prisoner. They danced around him, shaking their spears, and he noticed that these spears had an eyelet just below the point. When he woke up, he moved the eye of the needle to the opposite end of the needle - to the point, and the problem was solved.