Interesting facts about Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and the emirate of the same name, located in an arid region on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The emirate of Abu Dhabi is the richest and largest emirate of the country, accounting for 95% of the oil reserves of the UAE, and the territory of which is 87% of the entire territory of the confederation. The emirate includes its capital - Abu Dhabi and oasis cities: Al Ein - and Liwa.

Despite the fact that Abu Dhabi, a rapidly developing emirate, the cultural traditions of the people are nevertheless carefully preserved, which sometimes plunges Europeans into bewilderment.

In Abu Dhabi, you can see buildings of modern design, as well as mosques and bazaars selling oriental spices, exotic fruits and handmade Persian carpets.

Thanks to the city's straight streets, forming a grid of six main highways, Abu Dhabi has also been nicknamed the "Manhattan" of the Middle East, as any tour operator in the UAE will certainly mention. The most impressive buildings are located on the streets of Sheikh Khalifa, Sheikh Hamdan and Sheikh Zayed. A huge number of mosques are located in the city of Abu Dhabi and its surrounding environs, which constructively distinguish this city from modern megacities, and also emphasize its religious affiliation.

Driving along the main road leading into the city, as well as along the coastline, you can see a huge number of green spaces of eucalyptus trees and palms. The city itself is also planted with a variety of grassy lawns and ornamental shrubs. The Dalla, Pearl and Flying Swans fountains are located along the embankment.

There is a beautiful myth among the people about the founding of the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Somehow, Arab hunters, chasing a gazelle through the desert, ended up on the coast of the Persian Gulf, where, in pursuit of the poor animal, they wade to the island. On the island, they found a source of fresh water, so they did not kill the gazelle, and the local settlement was nicknamed Abu - Dhabi (translated from Arabic as "Father of the gazelle"). The capital city of Abu Dhabi has existed since 1760.

Thanks to massive green spaces in the city, the average air temperature is below 1-1.5 degrees compared to the nearby desert. Abu Dhabi's infrastructure is well developed due to abundant oil and gas production. Today the capital city is one of the most magnificent and amazing cities in the world.