Uluru is the largest stone on the planet

Uluru Rock, recognized as one of the wonders of the world. This is the largest rock in the world, which is a pure monolith, that is, a solid stone two by three kilometers in size. The height of the stone is about 350 meters, but according to the latest data, this is only the tip of a stone iceberg and most of Uluru is underground.

The mountain is far from Sydney, practically in the center of the continent. It's decent to fly to her - three and a half hours. And if in Sydney it was more or less comfortable with the weather, then Uluru met a hellish heat at forty degrees. Hell was not the only problem: in addition to the scorching sun, millions of flies live in the Uluru region.

The famous mountain is also known for its ability to change color throughout the day, depending on the weather and time of day. The range of changes is very wide: from brown to fiery red, from lilac to blue, from yellow to lilac. Unfortunately, it is impossible to catch all the shades of the rock in one day. For example, Uluru acquires a lilac-blue scale during the rain, which has not been here for more than a year.