Nihiwatu itself: what the best hotel in the world looks like

An upscale island resort in Indonesia has been voted World's Best Hotel by Travel + Leisure in the annual World's Best Awards. Nihiwatu, a former surfer haven on the little-known island of Sumba, features 8 villas, each with a private plunge pool, as well as a 24-hour tree spa, horse riding center and a beachfront restaurant serving wholesome food cooked in fire.

In high season, a night in this hotel will cost 12 thousand dollars. Guests can enjoy sunset horseback riding, top-notch surfing, exploring the local hidden waterfalls and stunning views of the rice paddies. The island of Sumba itself is about the size of two Bali, but almost unbuilt. Nihivatu won the special prize in the competition due to his close ties with the local population and his almost imperceptible influence on the ecology of the island.

Nihivatu was discovered by an American surfer and his wife from Germany in 1988. At first it was a ten-room surfer hotel, but gradually it has evolved into a more elite place. In 2012, it was bought by American entrepreneur Chris Birch. "Luxury in the state

hospitality has changed. More than just the finest details. This has evolved into a private itinerary, personal travel, unexpected experiences and curiosity about the unknown, ”says the current owner of the luxury resort.

Nihiwatu itself: what the best hotel in the world looks like

Welcome to Nihivata.

Guests are surrounded by nature, whose fruits are also used in the decor.

Yellow sand, bright green, and all this is on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

A night in Nihivatu during the high season costs 12 thousand dollars, and out of season - 650 dollars for a double room.

The Paradise 24-hour spa offers a full range of services, accompanied by the sound of the surf, including facials, massages and manicures.

A delightful romantic dinner with beautiful sea views consists of healthy dishes cooked over an open fire, surrounded by flowers and candles.

Kanatar Sumba House is one of the resort's villas, which features a private pool, sun deck and spacious interior.

The entire complex opens onto an idyllic 2.5 km long private beach located in a strictly protected nature reserve.

Rooms include lacquered hardwood floors, natural roofs and elegantly selected mosquito nets over luxury beds.

Snacks and drinks are available at the Bao Boathouse, and of course a surfboard to ride the famous local waves.

The stunning Cliffside Bale Villa is located above the sea. Her bedroom is an observation deck from where you can watch the sunset and watch the water.

View of the same bedroom from the other side.


Marangga pool.

Villa Kasambi Estate is ideal for surf lovers as it allows you to watch the waves move.

The family villa is decorated in beige and yellow tones and has panoramic windows overlooking the trees and sand.

One of the "infinity" pools.

This is how it looks from the other side. From a certain angle, it seems that the pool has no edge and flows smoothly into the sea.