80 millionaires in one village

Back in 1917, Antonio Fernandez was born in the Spanish village of Cerezales del Condado. His family lived quite poorly, and his parents, who had 13 children, had to work to the limit of their strength in order to somehow feed themselves.

Antonio Fernandez studied at school until the age of 14, but never finished it. He was forced to drop out and go to work in the fields to help his parents. It would seem that what could be remarkable about this person? But an extraordinary fate awaited him.

In 1949, at the age of 32, our hero went in search of happiness to Mexico. His wife's uncle lived there.

Having got a job at Grupo Modelo, the largest beer producer, he began to quickly move up the career ladder. In 1971, he was already in top management, and all the founders of the corporation listened to his opinion.

Corona beer, under the leadership of Antonio Fernandez, has grown from a local brewer to a recognizable global brand, and he becomes CEO. Running the company until 2005, the billionaire retired at the age of 88.

So what does it have to do with 80 millionaires in one village? - you ask.

And here lies the main feature of Antonio Fernandez, who was not eaten by wealth from the inside.

The fact is that he bequeathed 200 million euros to the inhabitants of his Spanish village, where he was once born and raised. This wonderful man had no children, so the management of the company passed to his nephew. But he decided to make an extraordinary gift to his former fellow villagers.

The villagers talk about how shocked they were when they found out that they had become millionaires in an instant. Each of them got more than 2 million, which can ensure their comfortable existence for life.

It is generally known that Antonio Fernandez did a lot both in his native Spain and in Mexico, in which he lived for more than half a century. Having died at the age of 99, he became a symbol of kindness and true nobility.