The strangest holidays in the world

Agree, we, people accustomed to their own culture, often think that some customs and holidays of other nations are simply absurd. But nevertheless, many holidays are so cheerful and perky that in order to get into the thick of festive events, tourists from all countries sometimes cross entire continents. Today we will tell you some interesting facts about the most amazing holidays on the planet.

Las Fayas Festival

This holiday takes place in Spain in the city of Valencia from March 14 to 19. During it, pyrotechnics competitions are held every day. Thousands of fireworks of all kinds and sizes are launched into the sky. Each participant tries to attract the greatest attention to their creations. To mark the end of the holiday, huge effigies and figures specially prepared for this are burned. This holiday attracts up to 2 million tourists annually.

World Mountain Oyster Championship

In fact, this Texas holiday has nothing to do with "oysters". This is how bull eggs are called in the slang of local cowboys. Competitors must prepare a dish as tasty as possible from this unusual "ingredient".

The Rolling Cheese Run

This fun action takes place in the small English town of Coopers Hill. Every last Monday in May, a head of cheese is launched from the mountain, and the participants rush after it. The winner is the one who has time to catch up and grab the cheese before it reaches the bottom. The participants get a lot of bruises and bruises, but this does not stop anyone, especially since an ambulance is always on duty below.

Birdman Festival

This unusual holiday is celebrated in the city of Bognor, UK. This holiday has a rich history, which suggests that people have dreamed of flying since ancient times. During the competition, participants equipped with homemade wings jump from a wide platform set over the sea. The one who overcomes the greatest distance wins.

Drag & Drop World Championship

Every year, on July 4, in the Finnish city of Sonkairavi, these competitions between couples in love start. The roots of this action go deep into the era of the Vikings, when they had to hoist their women on their shoulders in order to transfer them to the ship. According to the rules of modern competitions, during the transfer, girls must never touch the ground, otherwise their couple will receive penalty points.


This holiday is held on the last Wednesday of August in the Spanish city of Bunyol. An interesting fact - the holiday is more popular among tourists than among locals. The number of participants reaches 35 thousand, and about 100 tons of tomatoes are destroyed. During the battle, the participants must throw crumpled tomatoes at each other, so if you are going to take part do not wear expensive clothes. When the fun comes to an end and the tomatoes are over, there is a mass washing - in the river, with hoses or in special booths set up for the occasion.

Swamp Diving Championship

This crazy celebration takes place every last Monday in August in Llanourtide Wells, UK. All participants must swim to overcome a viscous swamp about 55 meters wide. It is very difficult, so everyone gets prizes, even those who sailed last.