Interesting facts about Israel

At the very least, you will be convinced of this by reading this list of twenty-five facts about Israel that can show what an interesting and controversial country it is.

- One of the smallest countries in the world is Israel, which has less than 0.1% of the world's population.

- Residents of different countries of the world regularly send letters and parcels to Jerusalem and indicate "God" as the recipient. And only once a year, the Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall receives all these letters and leaves them among the stones of the wall. If you decide to visit this country, then the tour operator in Israel will definitely offer to visit the Western Wall.

- Practically 80% of the world production of gem-quality diamonds, as well as about 40% of industrial diamonds, comes from Israel.

- Israel was ranked first in the number of museums and computers per person and third in the literacy of the local population.

“There is kosher glue on the back of Israeli postage stamps.

- Israel is the only country whose forested areas have increased compared to the geographical situation about a century ago.

- Israel has the largest number of emigrants in the world among the local population.

- Israel has a high survival rate of cancer patients and this is not all the news in the development of local medicine.

- The first mobile device was created in the Israeli branch of Motorolla thanks to local specialists.

- According to the religious laws of Judaism, an Israelite is obliged to regularly observe 613 rules.