Interesting facts about Florence

Florence is an amazing city located in Italy on the banks of the Arno River. Since ancient times, Florence has been covered with many legends and myths. Tours to Florence are quite popular among tourists, so what is interesting in this city?

"Florence" translated into Russian means "blossoming" and the city fully justifies its name.

Florence has given the world many of the world's greatest artists. Almost all of the great artists were Florentines. This city is rightfully considered the true cradle of the Renaissance.

Florence is home to a wide variety of galleries, exhibition halls and museums. For example, the Uffizi Museum-Gallery has over one and a half million visitors a year, and is considered the most visited museum in Italy.

The atmosphere that prevails in Florence due to the abundance of art objects can cause a kind of mental disorder in a person, accompanied by an increase in heart rate, loss of coordination and even hallucinations. This condition is called "Stendhal's syndrome".

Some of the historical monuments located in Florence are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Florence is also famous for the fact that the inhabitants of this city speak the purest Italian language. This is why Florence is very popular with Italian learners.

Florence has a unique bridge that crosses the Arno River. The peculiarity of this historical site is that there are shops and shops selling exclusively jewelry products.

Florence became the first city in the world to impose a moratorium on the death penalty. This happened as a result of reforms in 1786.

Also Florence is the "home" of mailboxes. In ancient times (more than four hundred years ago), such boxes were hung on the doors of city halls and were used for denunciations by people who, for whatever reason, wished to remain unknown.