10 great "twos"

Fantail invites you to read a highly anti-pedagogical article about how being a bad student is not ashamed, and sometimes honorable. The proof is ten failing geniuses. Just don't show it to your teacher. And don't read Dad's magazine at all!

1. Winston Churchill

Our gallery opens with a classic and inveterate case. Shalopay Winston, the eldest son of aristocratic parents, disliked the process of education from a very young age. Not that he was hopelessly stupid: teachers regularly found him in some secluded corner with a book not for his age. However, Churchill categorically refused to teach lessons, work in the classroom, and generally try to somehow. Winston, a poor student, subsequently received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

“School has nothing to do with education, ” Churchill wrote. - This is an institute of control, where children are taught the basic skills of a hostel "

2. Vladimir Mayakovsky

Soviet literary criticism, in order not to embarrass the pioneers, hushed up Vladimir Vladimirovich's academic failure or blamed it on revolutionary fervor ...

3. Sergey Korolev

Under whose leadership were created ballistic and geophysical rockets, the first satellites and spaceships "Vostok" and "Voskhod", was a round triplet.

4. Richard Branson

We decided that this list would not be complete without some financial genius. Multimillionaire Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group corporation and private space tourism, walks through this section. In the classroom, the future financial tycoon could not connect two words - he bellowed, stuttered and blushed desperately every time he was summoned to the blackboard.

5. Isaac Newton

He was the worst student in the class until he was beaten by a friend. After that, Newton decided to defeat him in knowledge, and after a few months he became the first in the class.

6. Napoleon

He studied poorly in all subjects, except mathematics.

7. Ludwig van Beethoven

He wrote with mistakes, but he never mastered division and multiplication, just like Alexander Dumas the father.

8. Albert Einstein

The creator of the theory of relativity, a Nobel laureate, was a very average student. His parents admitted to acquaintances that they had no illusions about him, and only hoped that he would be able to get at least a simple job.

9. Alexander Pushkin

I did very poorly at the Lyceum and cried in arithmetic lessons. After attestation, at the presentation of diplomas, he was the second from the end.

10. Anton Chekhov

Yes, the most intelligent of Russian writers also started, frankly, not so hot. I stayed at the gymnasium twice in the second year ...

Not justified!

High academic performance is also not a guarantee of great achievements in the future. And sometimes even quite the opposite. Here are three examples of geeks who have failed.

Nika Turbina

Ukrainian girl who started writing poetry at the age of four. By the age of nine, her first collection with a foreword by Yevgeny Yevtushenko was published in Moscow. Then there was the main prize at the Venice festival, a trip to Brodsky, appearances on television. By the age of 16, fame began to fade. Nika never graduated from a literary institute and did not find a job, she was constantly being treated for alcoholism. At the age of 27, the unwanted poet committed suicide.

Christopher Langan

The person with the highest IQ in the United States. At six months he began to speak, at four he taught himself to read. At school he was an excellent student, the university dropped out, because he believed that he could "give his professors more than they gave him." However, he did not make a scientific career. In 1999, the "smartest American" was dug up by journalists and caused a stir. However, it quickly subsided. Christopher still lives in the provinces and works as a forester