Why do bruises appear on the body?

In addition to those bruises that form at the moments of blows and falls, sometimes bruises appear on the body, there seems to be no reason for their occurrence. Then where do they come from?

This is due to the fragility of the capillaries. Their fragility, in turn, is explained by the lack of vitamins "C", "P", "K" in the body.

The cause of bruising can be hemorrhagic vasculitis - a disease associated with the pathology of the immune system and the very pathology of the blood coagulation system.

If there are none, then the body just needs a little help - saturate it with vitamins "C" and "P", which are contained in rose hips, cherries, blackberries, apricots and citrus fruits. Or, if necessary, undergo treatment with vitamin complexes containing vitamin C, rutin, bioflavonoids and hesperidin.

Sources of vitamin K, by the way, are green leafy vegetables, brown seaweed fish oil, soybean oil, egg yolk and alfalfa. So it is very useful to include them in your diet. And then you don't have to hide the consequences of vitamin deficiency under your clothes.