A people ruled by women and men deprived of all rights

Tuaregs are not only the lineup of the Volkswagen car brand, but also one of the most unique peoples in the world. These Africans have kept a rather strange tradition - they are ruled by women, and men are forced to wear bandages on their faces. However, they are accustomed to this arrangement of things and do not feel any oddities.

There is a legend that the Tuaregs trace their roots to the legendary foremother and great ruler - the Sahara queen Tin-Khinan. She was once an Amazon and came to Hoggar from the southern region of present-day Morocco, which was called Tafilalet. By the way, in 1925, in the area of ​​the ancient fortification of Abalessa in Ahaggar, a rich burial of a noble woman was found. The Tuaregs believe that this is their queen.

Officially, Tuaregs profess Islam, but this does not affect their traditions in any way: women of this ethnicity have much more rights than men. They do not hide their faces, they can have an unlimited number of lovers, and at the same time no one has the right to blame them for this.

Tuaregs jealously keep the secret of their personal lives, so men visit women exclusively under cover of night. In addition, women own all property, both movable and immovable. And if a divorce happens, then the woman also divides the property - the man is content with what remains.

Tuareg women preserve the cultural heritage of their people. They are the ones who learn to read and write from childhood, while men, although they are brave warriors and good merchants, when they come of age receive from their father only a sharp sword and a special cape on their face, which they should not take off even at home while eating ... To see a man's face is only permissible for his mistress or spouse.

"Blue people" - so called Tuareg because of their traditional clothes, and not because they drink without drying out. The fabrics are dyed here in a rather interesting way: the dye is hammered into clothes with stones, and therefore remains on people's skin, giving it a bluish tint.

There are about a million Tuareg in Africa, who are divided into numerous tribes. They roamed the Sahara for thousands of years, driving camels to new pastures. It is worth saying that without camels, this people would not have survived in the desert. By the way, the camel is the only thing that remains for a man after a divorce. And this is also a good gesture.

Tuaregs are the only people in the world whose men are required to cover their faces with a bandage, and in order to please a girl, a young man must have various talents. Especially appreciated when he can write poetry to his beloved. And if she answers him in the same form, it remains only to wait for the sun to set in order to arrange a poetry evening for two.