Recent "Achievements" of Humanity

1. Humanity over the past 50 years has destroyed 90% of all world reserves of large fish

2. 22 percent of the known fishing areas of the ocean were completely depleted or overwhelmed by excessive exploitation, and another 44 percent were on the verge of depletion.

3. By catching edible fish species, we annually throw 27 million tons of other living creatures from our nets back into the sea - as a rule, already in an unviable state.

4. The seabed in many parts of the ocean is so plowed by trawls that nothing can live on it.

5. Over the past 50 years, humans have destroyed 70% of the world's forests

6. About 30% of the forests still remaining on Earth are fragmented and degraded, and deforestation is progressing at a rate of 50 square miles per year.

7. More than 45 thousand lakes

8. Every year the chemical industry produces more than one hundred million tons of 70, 000 different organic compounds, and about a thousand new substances are added to the range every year. Only a small fraction of these chemicals have been thoroughly tested for harm to humans and the environment.

9. Over the past 50 years, man has destroyed a quarter of all bird species, 11 percent of the rest - on the verge of extinction. Extinction also threatens 18 percent of all mammalian species, 5 percent of fish and 8 percent of plant species.

10. Coral reefs, the most diverse aquatic system on Earth, are plagued by depletion of fish stocks, pollution, epidemic disease and rising temperatures.

11. In total, 30% of all known resources of the planet have been used up, meanwhile the population of the planet is growing steadily ...