Interesting facts about Vietnam

In 2008, ABC News, according to reviews of tourists, named the beach about. Phu Quoc is the best nook in the world.

In the middle part of Vietnam near the city of Da Nang, there is a Chinese beach, which ranks 6th in a number of ways. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, who took an adopted son from this country, spoke positively about him. On this beach is the fashionable Furama Resort, which guarantees a five-star tourist service.

Published in April 2008, the ranking of regions and countries with the best cuisine showed that Vietnam is in third place. Vietnamese cuisine combines originality and sophistication, its ingredients are healthy and balanced at the same time.

The longest cable car in the world located over land is entered in the Guinness Book of Records, this is the path that stretches to the mountain resort of Ba Na. The longest cable car stretching over the sea is the cable car operating in the Nha Trang resort.

Almost two hundred kilometers northwest of Da Nang, there is the world's largest cave, which was discovered in 2009.

The United States recognized the independence of Vietnam only in 1995.

The most popular national women's dress in Vietnam is called Ao Dai.

Vietnam's national sport is called takraw. To put it simply, volleyball is played with your feet. Takraw championships are regularly held in Vietnam. This sport is widespread in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma.

Vietnam Airlines' service is beyond praise - great food, and pleasant flight attendants in national costumes serve a variety of drinks every half hour.

The average life expectancy for Vietnamese women is 74 years, and for Vietnamese people it is 69 years.

In schools, instead of bells, a gong sounds.

The most common surname in Vietnam is Nguyen, which is used by almost 40% of the population.

The Lenin River and the Titov Island remind of friendship in the USSR.

The train from Moscow to Vietnam has a change in Beijing, but the journey will take seven days.