Interesting facts about garlic

We have collected the most interesting facts about garlic from around the Internet. You will learn about what you did not know yet. Let's start our list of interesting facts:

1. Garlic is a very useful plant. It is a natural remedy for various infections. One of the beneficial properties of garlic is blood thinning, as a result of which the human immune system is strengthened, that is, it is a natural antibiotic.

2. The unique smell of garlic is given by sulphurous substances, which are in it in large quantities. A proven way to get rid of garlic odor from your mouth is parsley or cinnamon.

3. Garlic is the oldest cultivated plant in the world. They began to eat it about six thousand years ago. The territory where the largest amount of garlic is consumed is South Asia, and the country where garlic is least loved is Japan, where garlic is mainly used for medicinal purposes only.

4. Ten grams of fresh garlic contains about 0.06 grams of fat and 2.97 grams of carbohydrates. Continuing on with our interesting list of facts about garlic ...

5. One city in the United States was named after garlic. This city is called Chicago, which means "wild garlic" in Indian.

6. Also, in the city of San Francisco, in the restaurant "Garlic", visitors are served about a ton of garlic per month. This restaurant has a variety of exotic dishes on the menu. One of these dishes is garlic ice cream.