The most expensive food in the world

Everyone loves to eat well and tasty, but sometimes food can become an art. We doubt that most of us will ever have the opportunity to personally taste most of the dishes, so we suggest at least just open your eyes and read this article - we will introduce you to interesting facts about the most expensive and rare products in the world:

Dumplings (Ravioli)

Many people will probably be surprised that we included such a simple dish as ravioli in this rating. In Russia they are as popular as the Taratora soup for Bulgarians - one of the most typical and widespread products. The dumplings that we will tell you about are prepared at the Golden Gates restaurant in the Bronx, New York, America. In addition to tender beef, pork and elk meat, they also include the glands of the deep-sea fish Curtius Flame Fish, which is also called torch fish. Thanks to this unusual ingredient, ravioli, or simply put, dumplings, emit an unnatural blue-green light, while at the same time they are completely safe to eat. The cost of this treat is $ 2, 400 for a serving of 8 dumplings. If you want, you can order a double serving of 16 dumplings, and even get a discount - it's only $ 4, 400!

Walnuts (macadamia)

Everyone knows, even squirrels and chipmunks, that walnuts are very healthy and delicious. But it is unlikely that squirrels and chipmunks know that most people know that the most expensive type of walnut is macadamia. Earlier, many, many years ago, for the Australian aborigines it was a daily food, but now it is one of the rarest and most expensive (besides healthy) food. At the same time, only two types of such a walnut remained. The reason that these walnuts are so expensive is that despite nearly a hundred years of soil fertility, the trees require very special care and production is only 40 tons globally around the world. The price per kilogram of macadamia reaches up to $ 30, while in the countries where it grows and is mined (!). Dishes made with walnuts are very expensive.


As you know, saffron is officially the most expensive condiment in the world. In fact, this spice is just the stamens of a plant from the crocus family, which are collected exclusively by hand and then dried. To collect only 1 kilogram of this spice, you need about half a million stamens! Unsurprisingly, the price per kilogram goes up to $ 6, 000 for the purest varieties.

White Truffles

We will not go into details here, since everyone has heard of truffles. Let us just remind you that they do not have a definite price, as they are almost always sold at auctions - the price sometimes rises from 20, 000 to € 30, 000 per kilogram!

Dark Chocolate

And children know that there are hundreds of types of chocolate, but only true connoisseurs (or too rich people) know about Chocopologie by Knipschildt - the most expensive chocolate in the world. His native land is America, where one standard package of 453 grams sells for $ 2, 600.


Another product that you say or think we must be crazy to include in this rating. Well, there are reasons for this - a special variety La Bonnotte, which grows only on the island of Nurmuat and has a very delicate and rich potato flavor. This variety is harvested exclusively by hand, and its price reaches $ 500 per kilogram.


And this is not just beef, but marbled meat from the Japanese Wagiu cows. To have the tastiest and most expensive meat in the world, "poor" cows throughout their lives must endure diligent care from owners who put their complete comfort above all else, these animals are fed the best types of hay, and instead of water they are given beer and sake to drink ... Although the breed was a trademark of the Japanese, they shared it with extreme discontent with other countries, and this breed is now being bred in Australia as well. Oddly enough, this led to an even greater demand for such meat, because the Australians were even more diligent in caring for the cows. Now in Europe, the cost of 200 grams of fillet is about $ 100, and the thinnest and most tender marbled meat costs up to $ 1000.


This type of food has always been the trademark of various "fast-food" restaurants, which often eat in a hurry or rather when you are on the go on the street. But the management of the hotel chain "Von Essen" decided that all the food they offer must have a "twist". Tory burgers, more commonly referred to as von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich, with prices starting at $ 200, is completely competitive with fine dining in luxury restaurants. The recipe and ingredients of this “sandwich” include bread, the dough of which is kneaded with the help of special yeast, Iberian ham, white truffles, quail eggs, dried Italian cherry tomatoes and a special “chicken from Brest” ... for some reason, such words immediately come to mind “I'm lovin it!“ Or “I love it”.


Si, senor! De pizza italiano! Okay, I don’t speak Italian, but Italy is the birthplace of pizza and is home to the most expensive pizza in the world - Louis XIII. The cost of this pleasure will reach an impressive € 8, 300. The pizza itself is prepared necessarily in the presence of the client, since its main composition includes Mozzarella cheese, Buffalo cheese, lobster (regular and "prickly"), 3 varieties of caviar and shrimp. Oh yes, we almost forgot - this pizza is also salted with a special salt, neither sea nor table salt, but special, pink Austrian (Murray River).



Especially for lovers of English breakfast, this special omelet is served at New York's Le Parker Meridien. In fact, this omelet is by far the most expensive in the world, for which you have to pay exactly $ 1000. Naturally, in addition to eggs, you will also find lobsters, and the omelet itself is served on a tray of fried potatoes, topped with sturgeon caviar and, at the request of the client, sprinkled with herbs.


Naturally, speaking of the most expensive dishes, we cannot ignore fish eggs (... although it is better to call them caviar). Nevertheless, neither red, nor black, nor gray caviar can be compared with the extremely rare and expensive caviar from the albino beluga called "Almas". This culinary masterpiece is very difficult to find, as it is only available in Iran, only in a gold box and only at a price of $ 2000 per 100 grams!


If you ask what a cat and coffee have in common, you probably cannot answer without reading the article Fun Facts About Cats. When we talk about Kopi Luwak coffee, not to mention some super unique plant, with a rather unique “production” for it. We give you a hint right away - “kopi” in translation from the Indonesian language means coffee, and “luwak” is a local species of wild cat. And the common thing between them is that these cats are very fond of coffee fruits, as a rule, they choose the most ripe and large coffee grains of the fruit. If you still think that the locals walk with the cats around the plantation, picking berries, then this means that you have not read the article yet, and you are far from the truth :). The fact is that cats eat berries, and then their "cakes" are collected, peeled and fried. According to experts, coffee has a unique taste and aroma. We have no doubts. We almost forgot - the price of this “pleasure” is about $ 500 per kilogram.


The most expensive tea in the world is called Dukhanpao, which means “Big red robe”. To be honest, we think that no one even guesses why it is named that way. This variety belongs to the so-called type of oolong, which is characterized by strong fermentation and a rich, full-bodied taste. We can say that this variety is the rarest plant in general, because this tea is harvested only from 6 tea bushes. They are located in the immediate vicinity of Tianxing Monastery, their age is about 350 years. Each year, only 500 grams of tea was collected from these bushes, and its price - the rate increases to $ 685, 000! Since 2006, all collected products have been kept in the Chinese National Museum, and a moratorium (government ban) was imposed on further collection. Back in the 80s of the last century, they made successful attempts at vegetative propagation of tea bushes, and the resulting tea is sold under the same name Dukhanpao. Experts believe, however, that this tea has nothing to do with the taste of the original.