Interesting facts about Indonesia

You are going to go on vacation to Indonesia, consider the proposed tourist tours and figure out how to buy a plane ticket cheaper. Indonesia is a great choice, let's take a look at some of its features.

Indonesia is the world's largest island state and the most populous country. Due to the hot and humid climate, lush vegetation grows here, inhabited by a diverse fauna. Indonesia has a large number of volcanoes - more than 500, including 129 active ones.

The population of this state speaks 728 languages ​​and dialects. So do not torture yourself with learning the local language, it is still unrealistic, in addition, all residents associated with the tourism industry are fluent in English.

The population of Indonesia professes various religions, but the majority - 88% adhere to Islam. Oddly enough, this Muslim country has a very democratic attitude towards women. She does not need to cover her face, a scarf on her head is enough. In addition, women can move freely, do business and hold high government posts.

The main source of income in Indonesia is tourism, so the state is systematically developing the sphere of services and services aimed at meeting the varied needs of tourists. In recent years, Indonesia has become the leading spa center in Asia. All kinds of spa treatments are available not only in numerous centers, but also in hotels.

Indonesia's main attractions are its favorable climate and rich culture. Only on the island of Komodo can you see monitor lizards, outwardly similar to dragons and dinosaurs. They live in the national park of this island. In addition, Indonesia is the homeland of the Javanese rhinos, which live only in this region.

The islands of Indonesia will appeal to beach lovers and fans of active pastime, in addition, this is a great opportunity to learn more about this amazing and beautiful country.