Interesting facts from the series The X-Files

The X-Files series returned to the screen after 13 years. Season ten, just as fun and exciting as the previous nine seasons. There are about 20 episodes in each season, but the tenth was never finished. There are only 6 episodes in it. The last episode ends with an alien invasion. I wonder what will happen next? Today we will tell you about interesting facts that are associated with this cult series.

Agent Scully is only 160 centimeters tall. The role of the heroine is played by Gillian Andersen, who in many scenes stands on a box to appear taller. Next to David Duchovny, she seems very small, because his height is 185 cm.

The series was supposed to have just five seasons. Chris Carter planned to shoot 5 seasons of 20 episodes, and then move on to filming a full-length film. Surprisingly, "The X-Files" beat all world view ratings, so it was decided to continue filming the next season.

You've probably watched the movie "Destination". It turns out that the full-length film of several parts was supposed to be one of the X-Files series. Jeffrey Reddick wrote the script for the series in 1994, but New Line Cinema became interested in this episode, which offered to shoot a full-fledged picture.

Leila Harrison appeared in the series unexpectedly. Her appearance is associated with the death of a fan of the episodes "The X-Files". It was she who wrote the stories about Mulder and his faithful partner. The management of "X-Files" decided to include a new character in the picture, which will be called Leila Harrison.

FBI Deputy Director - Skinner married his secretary. Her name is Erlene Warren, who was supposed to be Scully's stunt double but was given the role of secretary. Mitch Pileggi, who played the deputy director, married her.

One of the episodes of the series, entitled "Lonely Arrows", predicted the events of September 11, 2001 in the United States. It was on this day, according to the official version, that the terrorists sent planes to the building of the shopping center and destroyed the "twin towers", hitting the Pentagon. So, in one of the episodes, the main characters - journalists obsessed with secret conspiracies, publishing the newspaper of the same name "Lonely Shooter", thwarted a secret government plan to destroy a building in New York. The episode was shown in March 2001, and in September, the event took place in reality.

The smoker was given a cameo role in the series. The brooding and secretive character fell in love with the audience, so he was made the main villain around whom all the conspiracies revolve. The Smoker became Scully and Mulder's primary adversary and even made an appearance in Season 10.