Salpa Maggiore - transparent fish

A New Zealand fisherman, while fishing 70 km north of the Karikari Peninsula, New Zealand, caught a fish that he had never seen in his life, it was swimming on the surface of the water. It is difficult to imagine that this seemingly transparent creature is a living organism, and not some kind of glass figurine, for example, but this is so, this is a rather rare marine invertebrate - Salpa Maggiore.

During the interview, Stuart Fraser said: - "I was not full of decisiveness before taking this in hand, but curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to take a closer look." "It feels like its surface is scaly and rather hard, but it is something jelly-like, and inside this creature there is nothing else but this orange little drop inside."

There is little information about the creature Salpa Maggiore, it is only known that it is a subspecies of salps, of which there are about 30 species. They are marine invertebrates that live in cold waters with the most abundant concentration in the Southern Ocean.

Although it looks like a monster from horror movies, it is actually a harmless creature that feeds on plankton, and their transparent body keeps them from being attacked by predators, since Salpa Maggiore floats on the surface of the water, where there are a lot of enemies.

Salpa Maggiore is barrel-shaped and moves in water, pumping it through its transparent body. The jelly body of Salpa is covered with a transparent tunic, through which the ribbons of the annular muscles and intestines shine through. At the opposite ends of the body there are openings of siphons - the mouth, leading to the vast pharynx, and the cloacal. Heart on the ventral side.