Interesting facts about Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest athletes of all time. After he turned 70, he became much more recognizable than most presidents and historical figures.

• Ali is a philanthropist, pacifist, anti-racist.

• Ali is a three-time world champion and an Olympic champion in the weight category of 81 kg.

• Ali got married 4 times.

(Sonji Roi - August 14, 1964

Belinda Boyd - August 17, 1967

Veronica Porsche - June 19, 1977

Yolanda Ali - November 19, 1986)

• Ali has 9 children: 2 sons, 7 daughters.

• 43 of 46 sports experts predicted Liston's victory by knockout in Ali-Liston's first fight.

• Ali's height: 191 cm, weight: 97 kg, arm span: 198 cm.

• In professional boxing, Ali fought 61 fights, of which he won 56, 37 by knockout, 5 lost.

• Ali won an Oscar for When We Were Kings.

• Ali fought 105 fights in amateurs, of which he won 100 and lost 5.

• Ali started boxing at the age of 12.

• Ali's idol was Sugar Ray Robinson.

• Been knocked down three times in his entire career. I have never been knocked out.

• Ali is considered the fastest heavyweight in boxing history.

• Ali considered the best heavyweight behind Jack Johnson.

• Ali is the only boxer who has become one of the greatest people in history.

• At the height of his fame in the 70s, Ali was the most popular person on earth.

• Ali's daughter, Leyla Ali was the world champion in professional boxing.

• Ali is the third youngest world champion after Tyson and Floyd Patterson.

• Ali is the only boxer to be named Boxer of the Year 5 times (in 1963, 1972, 1974, 1975 and 1978)

• Ali is the only boxer to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

• Ali is the only one who managed to knock out George Foreman, Chuck Wepner and Bonavena.

• Ali has been suffering from Parkinson's for over 30 years.

• In the professional ring, Ali played 549 rounds.

• Ali is a mestizo, he also has Irish blood.

• Nelson Mandela listened to radio broadcasts of Ali's battles in his prison cell.

• Ali managed to turn the public consciousness in relation to himself personally and to his race as a whole. In 1967, there was hardly a man white America hated more than him. And in the 80s, when Mohammed, who was getting old and already beginning to suffer from all his countless ailments, was beaten by his former sparring partner Larry Holmes, there were more sobbing white faces in the hall than black ones. The antihero became a national hero. Nobody has ever been able to do this.

• Bruce Lee and Ali hit the same speed, both hit 1/20 of a second.

• Ali received his secondary education.

• In 1998 Ali became the UN peace envoy.

• During his three-year exile in 1967-70, Ali lectured at 200 colleges.

• Ali spent 10 days in prison in 1968 for driving without a license.

• The idol of Bruce Lee was Ali.

• All five Tyson coaches believe Ali would have beat Tyson in his best years.

• 6 times Ali's fights were recognized as "fights of the year", so far no one has managed to repeat it.

• Ali helped secure the release of 14 American hostages from Iraq in 1990.

• Ali - Fraser's first fight resulted in the death of four men. 2 spectators died of heart attacks while watching the fight live. In Malaysia, Abdul Ghani Bachik reportedly jumped out of his chair while watching the fight on Pay TV and yelled, “Oh my God, Ali lost!” And then he suffered a heart attack. In Milan, Erio Borghisiani was found dead in front of his TV just hours after watching the fight on Pay TV.

• Ali is named:

1. Greatest Heavyweight of All Time by The Ring in 1998.

2.The Greatest Heavyweight of the 20th Century by the Associated Press.

3. "Athlete of the Century" by GQ magazine.

4. "The Athlete of the 20th Century" by Sports Illustrated.

5. "Sports Personality of the Century" by the BBC.

• When Fraser first heard about Ali's illness, he happily said: "Well, now I know for sure that I will survive Ali, " and when Ali found out about Fraser's illness, he cried and began to pray for him.

• Ali is a Muslim.

• Ali is considered a living Legend.

• In the USSR, Ali was considered a "fighter for peace and the rights of blacks", and in 1978, at the invitation of the Soviet government, he visited the USSR, where he personally met with Leonid Brezhnev, held demonstration rounds with Soviet boxers Gorstkov, Zaev and Vysotsky in the CSKA hall, and visited the centers Islam in the USSR - Tashkent and Samarkand.

• Foot size - 44.

• Ali studied with Grand Master Man in Korean Taekwondo Martial Art.

• Ali was the twenty-first undisputed boxing champion.

• At 13, Ali put on leather gloves for the first time.

• At the age of 29 (before the fight with Fraser) Ali's data:

Height: 190.5 cm

Weight: 97.5 kg

Chest: 106 cm

Thigh: 63.5cm

Biceps: 41cm

Waist: 86.5cm

Neck: 43cm

Fist: 30.5cm

• Ali was extremely proud of his ability to rhyme lines. Especially after he was elected professor of poetry at Oxford University.

• While preparing for his second fight with Norton, Ali, while training as a lumberjack, knocked down 180 trees.

• "Rounds of the year" in Ali's fights:

Mohammed Ali - Oscar Bonavena (1970 round 15)

Joe Frazer - Muhammad Ali (1971 round 15)

Mohammed Ali - Bob Foster (1972 round 5)

Mohammed Ali - George Foreman (1974 round 8)

Mohammed Ali - Joe Frazer (1975 round 12)

• In 1981 in Los Angeles, Ali rescued a suicide who wanted to jump from the 9th floor.

• After the first fight Ali - Norton, in which Ali fought for 12 rounds with a broken jaw (Ali lost on points), he underwent a difficult operation on his jaw, which lasted 90 minutes.

• The record for selling tickets for an indoor fight so far belongs to the fight Mohammed Ali - Leon Spinks, which took place in 1978 and then 63, 315 tickets were sold.

• More books have been written about Ali than about anyone else in history.

• Ali set a major American record: a second of advertising shown during the television coverage of the first Ali-Spinks match cost 3 thousand dollars.

• Ali made $ 60 million by boxing.

• Ali was born on January 17, 1942 at 6:30 pm.

• During his life, Ali survived 13 presidents, 4 wives and 170 battles.