Top 10 Science Facts About Women

Top 10 scientific facts about women, after reading I would like to hear your opinion which of this is true and which is not, or agree with everything ...

10. Everyone knows that alcohol has a much stronger effect on women, even if they have the same weight as a man. Scientists attribute this to less water in a woman's body, which allows alcohol to be absorbed faster.

9. If you believe the statistics of crimes, then it is married women who are more likely to fall under the article, among men this list is headed by bachelors.

8. Recent research suggests that women who smoke have low self-esteem. In addition, any dependence of a woman speaks of lack of confidence in herself, in her appearance, etc.

7. According to a survey conducted in Australia, a woman who prefers brighter colors in her clothes feels insecure.

6. Sometimes it seems that men are less sensitive, but statistics show that most of the suicides due to unhappy love, they commit.

5. A girl's happiness is inversely proportional to her beauty. Statistics show that the most beautiful girls tend to be unhappy after 25 years.

4. According to statistics, the percentage of women who regret their marriage within a week is 22.

3. Most women who walk to the altar smile and men frown. According to scientists, this is due to nervous stress, women hide it behind a smile, and men - behind severity.

2. Psychologists believe that women who prefer to read romance novels are more active in their sex lives.

1. Surprisingly, after intercourse, a man thinks that his chosen one is less sexy, while a woman thinks, on the contrary, that a man has become more attractive.