The highest point on Earth is the summit of Everest

The highest point of the Earth is the summit of Chomolungma (Everest) - 8848 meters.

From the moment of the first ascent to the summit (1953) to the present time (2013), more than 200 people have died on its slopes. Even the most expensive and modern equipment does not always guarantee a successful ascent to the highest peak in the world. Nevertheless, about 500 people try to conquer Everest every year. In total, to date (February 2014) 4042 climbers have climbed the mountain. The bodies of the victims often remain on the slopes of the mountain due to the difficulties associated with their evacuation. Some of them serve as a guide for climbers.

The ascent to the summit takes about 2 months - with acclimatization and installation of camps. Weight loss after climbing - on average 10-15 kg.