Prelude platform - the largest floating object in the world

The hull of the largest ship ever built was launched in South Korea.

Its length exceeds the height of the Empire State skyscraper in New York, and the ship's displacement will be more than 600 thousand tons.

The floating platform, dubbed Prelude, is owned by Shell Oil Corporation and is designed to participate in the development of natural gas fields.

It will operate for 25 years off the northwest coast of Australia.

In the area, the cyclone season lasts from November to April and the Prelude is designed for the weather at these latitudes.

Billions of investments

"Prelude" is not in the strict sense of the word a seagoing vessel, since it does not have its own propulsion system and must be towed to its destination.

Shell said the platform will be able to produce enough natural gas to meet the energy needs of a city the size of Hong Kong.

Shell does not disclose the cost of the sea giant, but experts believe that its construction will cost 10, 8-12, 6 billion dollars.

The ship's owners have already announced that work has begun on an even larger floating platform.