Do you know who invented the first motorcycle?

The first patented motorcycle was designed by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.

Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler is a famous German designer and engineer, a successful industrialist. He became famous all over the world thanks to the development of several types of internal combustion engines and the creation of one of the first cars in the world.

Wilhelm Maybach - German entrepreneur and engineer, was born into a carpenter's family. Gottlieb Daimler drew attention to the talented young man, after which they began to work together on the creation of new engines.

A horse-drawn carriage with a kerosene engine or Reitwagen was created in Stuttgart and patented in 1885. The vehicle had four wooden wheels - two large main wheels and two auxiliary ones on the sides. The frame of the first bike was also wooden, and the rear wheel drive was belt. The engine was located under the seat.

The displacement of the four-stroke air-cooled power unit was 264 cc. The maximum engine power (0.5 hp at 600 rpm) was enough to accelerate the first motorcycle to a speed of 11 km / h. One year after the appearance of the first single-speed version, the developers introduced a two-speed model of the motorcycle. The "cart" weighed only 90 kg.

It is noteworthy that the developers did not have a goal to create a new vehicle. They just needed to prove the efficiency of the new internal combustion engine developed by them and study the prospects for its use for specific work. The power of the small motor was clearly not enough for installation in a full-size carriage, therefore, a lightweight design of an extremely simple vehicle with a motor was created.