Charles Bronson - the most dangerous and ruthless criminal of the 20th century

Charles Bronson - a man who spent about 30 years in solitary confinement, visited more than 120 prisons across the UK, attacked more than 20 guards, took 11 hostages and caused more than half a million pounds of damage.

Charles Bronson - a man who bent the steel bars of the door with his bare hands, broke through bulletproof glass with his fist, demonstrated almost superhuman strength throughout the entire time.

Charles Bronson is a writer and artist who has received seven Koestler Awards.

Charles Bronson is one of the most controversial and controversial people of the 20th century.

And it was yesterday that I read his book "Fitness in Solitary confinement."

I will say right away that I really liked the book because I largely agree with Bronson, with his reasoning about the Power and Power of man. He says that the key to the Force is, first of all, Mind and your Heart. If you yourself are a weak person (spiritually) and do not really believe in yourself, then most likely you will not be able to develop maximum Strength in yourself. Yes, you will be stronger than ordinary people, but if you fight a more motivated, spiritually stronger opponent, you will lose.

He also says that when starting to play sports, a person limits himself very much, in the sense that he already knows in advance what he cannot achieve. And this is not right! Every time you have to go beyond the limits of your capabilities, then you will receive genuine Power.

Since he is in solitary confinement for most of his time in prison, he has to train exclusively with his own weight. By the way, he has a negative attitude towards bodybuilders. Here's what he says about this: “This book is not a training course for bodybuilders; It is written to help you develop maximum Strength while maintaining maximum agility and speed. There is nothing special about building muscle: I fought the most pumped up and the best, and always won ... Think about it! "

Here is his position on steroids: “I took a jock magazine, laughed and used it like toilet paper - it's cheating and cheating, and they also call me a CRIMINAL! All this nonsense about protein shakes, pills, diets is just nonsense and a multimillion dollar business. Steroids ... who needs them? What for? For what purpose?

Many of you have read about me or heard about my accomplishments in demonstrating strength ... And all this is on the diet of one prison gruel! I am an example to follow. I am living proof that my methods work. The staff at Her Majesty's Prison and the UK Home Office have witnessed what I have been able to achieve. After all, they watched me 24/365. No one will be able to present me before the court and declare that all this is a lie - I will call on 10, 000 prison officers to become my witnesses! "

In short, the book is very interesting, it has a lot of useful tips about training and fighting spirit! And, of course, it is full of humor and Bronson's unique style. After reading, you somehow look differently at your physical self-improvement! You understand that the main thing is your spirit, your mind, and only then your body. If you believe in yourself, then you can do a lot! We are what we think of ourselves.