50 facts about girls - know more wasps to your significant other)

50 facts about girls - know more wasps to your significant other)

1. No girl will cook a complicated dish for herself alone.

2. 90% of girls are dissatisfied with their figure.

3. Most girls under 25 can give up a serious relationship with a guy if they are more than 2 years older than the guy.

4. Girls never envy the rival's mind, external data are considered a more important indicator for them.

5. Any girl will worry about breaking up a long relationship for more than a year, even if she did not feel any feelings for her partner.

6. When three or more girls get together, they talk about men

7. Almost all girls occasionally smoke, but prefer not to admit it to their partner.

7. Girls are able to buy jeans a couple of sizes smaller, thereby acquiring an incentive to lose weight.

8. There are no girls indifferent to cosmetics. Even if a girl does not put on makeup, in any case she has a huge number of "jars and bottles" at home.

9. Sometimes girls are more attracted to the original box than the gift in it. The girl keeps bows, ribbons, beautiful gift wrappers for years.

10. Most girls keep sms, postcards, notes from their favorite guys.

11. At the age of 10-14, girls in flocks fall in love with the same boy, and inform each other about this, and jealousy does not take place here.

12. If you think that the girl may be in love with you, ask her friends about it. Moreover, the more girlfriends she has, the more likely it is to find out the truth. Girls can't keep their mouths shut

13. Girls love notebooks, notebooks with beautiful covers and buy them, even if they do not need them.

14. Be afraid if the girl is in a bad mood! If you try to talk to her, then she will find something to be offended, if you do not pay attention to her, she will be offended even more!

15. All girls are complex about their appearance.

16. Most girls don't like bodybuilders.

17. A girl can cry just like that. With no reason.

18. The girl may be upset when you throw her a phrase with a displeased or offended tone. Moreover, the tone can be neutral. She just thought so

19. If a girl has a problem, she definitely needs to discuss it with her friends. It doesn’t matter over a bottle of beer or a cup of tea. The main thing is to discuss!

20. Girls do not like young people who treat animals badly.

21. Girls like aggressive guys, but they prefer to start a serious relationship with kind

22. Repair the wiring or electrical appliance at the request of the girl and grow in her eyes to the level of a deity. Almost all girls are afraid of technology.

23. Girls never keep contacts of ex-boyfriends. So that there is no temptation to call

24. It is fatal for a girl to gain 1 kilogram! At least a bad mood during the week is guaranteed!

25. Girls are able to gorge themselves on muesli, fruits, oatmeal, that is, what guys do not consider food at all

26. If you just texted a girl, be sure that she no longer just “knows” that she likes you, she is almost sure that you love her!

27. If you invited a girl out on a date by 9 pm, know that she started getting ready at 5, but she will still be late, because at the last moment some naughty curl didn't want to fit

28. You can date a girl for several months, but never see her naked. If, nevertheless, she seemed to you without makeup - know that now she trusts you!

30. It is difficult to tear a girl away from a shop window in which there are a lot of all sorts of bright trinkets. Inside each girl there is a magpie!

31. Girls keep the flowers you donated for a long time. They dry them!

32. When dressing, girls most often wear a jacket, and only then trousers. And the guys will put on their pants first.

33. A girl can wear a thin blouse at -30. A thick sweater, visually making her look fuller, she will not wear even on pain of death

34. Every girl considers it her duty to feed her boyfriend to the bone. Moreover, the more weight you gain, the more she will be happy.

35. If the girl is silent - it's bad. The storm is coming!

36. Almost all girls have dreamed of getting married since childhood. And from childhood they plan a wedding

37. No girl wakes up at night and goes to the refrigerator. And in general, the female half of humanity sincerely does not understand how you can wake up at night, from what you want to eat

38. Most girls won't wait for you to take the first step. And until you tell her on the forehead that you do not like her, she will not leave you behind.

39. If you didn’t like what the girl prepared, it’s a blow below the belt. You may not even say it, but she will still figure it out in some incomprehensible way.

40. Girls always focus on the little things. Up to the pattern on the wallpaper.

41. 90% of girls are sure that their every new love: "this is forever, this is love, I'm sure." And they already mentally calculated their subsequent life with a guy until their death

42. If a friend's eyelashes are longer than a girl's eyelashes, this is a serious reason for envy

43. There are no girls who are satisfied with the size of their breasts. You need either more or less. Is always!

44. Lack of the right size for the blouse you like in the store can upset a girl for at least a week!

45. Beautiful earrings, a ring, etc. a friend has a serious reason not just for dislike, but for real hatred!

46. ​​Not being able to dance for a girl is a serious problem!

47. If you spoke unflatteringly about the girl's external data, this can provoke the development of the complex.

48. Girls are afraid to go out naked even in a store 5 minutes walk from home

49. Buying and choosing a birthday present for a guy takes at least 2 weeks

50. Girls do the dishes after eating, not before, like guys.