The coldest place in the universe

Scientists recently discovered the coldest place on Earth. This place is in Antarctica, where the temperature reached -91, 2 C, which is two degrees below the previously recorded temperature. At this temperature, a person's eyes and lungs can harden in a few minutes. But there are places in the Universe where the temperature is many times colder.

The coldest place is the Boomerang Nebula, which looks really like a boomerang. At its center is a dying star that has emitted gas in the form of winds over the past 1, 500 years, moving at a speed of 500, 000 km / h. The gas escaping from the nebula cools in the same way as the air we breathe out. The gas temperature is two degrees below the point where it subsequently expands. Due to its rapid expansion, the nebula has cooled to 271 C, which makes it the coldest temperature officially recorded in nature.

But this is not the limit! NASA announced that the coldest place will soon appear very close to Earth. On board the ISS, scientists plan to conduct an experiment at a temperature of ten billionth of a degree above absolute zero (-273, 15 C).

Scientists believe that at such a temperature the thermal movement of atoms completely stops and the usual states of matter - gas, liquid, solid - disappear. New matter appears, which obeys the laws of quantum mechanics. In quantum matter, objects behave like particles and waves at the same time, two objects can occupy the same place in space.

Scientists do not yet say where these studies may lead them. "We are entering the territory of the unknown, " says Rob Thompson, project manager.