AK-74M with various options for "body kit"

AK-74 (GRAU index - 6P20, the names AK74 and AK 74 are also found) is a Kalashnikov assault rifle of 5, 45 mm caliber, developed in 1970 by designer M.T. Kalashnikov and adopted by the armed forces of the USSR in 1974. It is a further development of the AKM. The development of the AK-74 is associated with the transition to a new low-impulse cartridge 5, 45 × 39 mm.

Main differences from predecessor:

a new cartridge of caliber 5, 45 × 39 mm (instead of 7, 62 × 39 mm), which has a more flat trajectory of the bullet, which led to an increase in the range of a direct shot by 100 meters, as well as lighter (weight saving of 1, 4 kg when worn ammunition in 8 stores) [4];

a new muzzle brake-compensator, which serves to increase the accuracy of the battle and reduce the recoil energy;

magazine made of lightweight and durable plastic.

For assault rifles produced in 1974-1986, the stock and forend are made of wood. Since 1986, they began to be made from black plastic. Longitudinal grooves were made on both sides of the wooden stock to lighten the overall weight of the rifle. They continue to be made on a plastic stock.

Can be used with GP-25 or GP-30 or GP-34 underbarrel grenade launcher.

The accuracy of automatic fire has improved in comparison with the AKM by almost 2 times (in linear dimensions). Accuracy of a single fire is approximately 50% [5].

The firing range is:

For single ground and air targets - 500 meters;

For ground group targets - 1000 meters.

Direct shot range:

Chest figure - 440 meters;

The height figure is 625 meters.