The largest dinosaur on earth had a brain the size of a tennis ball

In Cuenca, Spain, skeletal fragments have been found, including the skull, of an ampelosaurus that supposedly lived seventy million years ago. The remains helped scientists determine the size of these giants, which had a very long neck and tail. The body of the foot and mouth was covered with scales. They were attributed to the sauropod dinosaurs, which were recognized on Earth as one of the largest animals. An interesting fact is that the brains of these reptiles were very small, about the size of a tennis ball we are used to.

These dimensions were determined by scanning the discovered skull. Computed tomography has helped scientists create a 3D model of the dinosaur's brain. So, the brain of such giants was no more than eight centimeters, despite the fact that they were about fifteen meters long.

In addition to a small brain, computer simulations showed a small inner ear, which suggests that the ampelosaurus was not very good at hearing sounds transmitted through the air. Also, the inner ear is responsible for balance and balance, and from this it follows that this type of ancient foot and mouth disease was not capable of rapid movements, and indeed in general inactive.