Why are nuts called walnuts? (Interesting fact)

Every home chef who uses walnuts must know why they have such a name. If you want to find an experienced home cook, then you should visit the site www.a-elita.in.ua/domashnij-povar, where the best masters of their craft are collected. So do not postpone this matter until later - we will find out today about the nuances.

And so now let's get back to the essence of the article: Whoever you ask, no doubt, everyone will answer that they know what walnuts are. He knows how horses look, and he ate them at least once in his life - this is one hundred percent for sure. Many people just love the taste of these nuts. Why do many people like them? Good taste at a low cost provide us with a high capacity of nutrients and vitamins. Why are nuts called walnuts? Not much is known about this.

Experts report that earlier, instead of the "walnut" variant, there was an older one - "Greek". Even Gogol used the last word. But this name did not catch on, although it sounds more correct. But why is there a connection with Greece, although the nuts themselves grow in Asia Minor and Central Asia?

There are a couple of versions. According to one, it is believed that through the efforts of Greek monks, walnut trees came to our territories, and on the other, Greek merchants, who previously had well-established trade relations with ancient Russia, imported this product.