Toad poison cures cancer (Interesting fact)

When asked which animals are venomous, most would name spiders and snakes. But there are also poisonous toads, the poison of which is used in medicine.

The toad's neck glands secrete dry poison. It can slow down the development of cancer. This poison has a tolerable toxicity level and is widely used in Chinese medicine.

American doctors also took up the study of toad venom. The dose was exceeded eight times, in contrast to the Chinese, but there were no side effects or heart problems. Forty percent of the participants in the experiment with liver cancer stabilized, and in one, the tumor decreased by twenty percent.

Of course, with the help of this drug it is impossible to completely cure people, but it is possible to stabilize the condition, as there is an opportunity to stop the growth of metastases. Scientists want to continue their research on this promising and extremely beneficial poison.

It is also worth noting that it is also used in the production of cosmetics and this site confirms this, as it sells unique Israeli cosmetics at the beauty salons of the city.