An eco-system that has been developing in the bottle for over forty years

An eco-system that has been developing for over forty years in a sealed bottle. The first thing that comes to mind when you see this lush green mass in a bottle is that pensioner David Laitimer from England is a genius gardener. However, in truth, a garden in a bottle (which is already 53 years old) does not take David a lot of time. Last time he watered it not less than 40 years ago.

The last 40 years the bottle has been closed and never opened. All this time, the tradition (as the plant is called) develops in complete isolation from the outside world and feels itself beautifully. Eighty-year-old Mr. Latimer said that he holds the bottle about two meters from the window, so that the growth gets enough light. In order for the castings, which are drawn to the sun, to grow evenly, the owner turns the bottle from time to time.

No more care is required. In the bottle, a miniature ecosystem was formed of its own image. Despite the "isolation" from the outside world, the plant can absorb light and carry out photosynthesis - a process in which the solar light is turned into energy, which is not needed for growth. In the process of photosynthesis, the plant releases oxygen; the air is humidified. The moisture accumulates and "rains". Falling leaves rot at the bottom of the bottle, which produces carbon dioxide, which is also necessary for photosynthesis and food, which is absorbed by the roots.