The most expensive dinner in the world cost $ 52,000

The most expensive dinner was organized by Abramovich Roman Arkadyevich in the company of Darya Zhukova, Arkady's son and three business partners. They stopped by for a bite to eat at Nello's restaurant in New York. "Initially, it was clear that the priorities for the guests are the highest quality and perfection, and not prices, " the owner of the restaurant Nello Balan told reporters later. Roman Arkadievich Abramovich began his dinner with white truffle carpaccio, after which he ordered milanese veal and Italian tagliatelle pasta and his favorite parmesan cheese. "

For dessert, Roman ate gourmet tiramisu, however, he took a bite only three times - see the diet. I washed it down with champagne. Everyone else ordered seafood and pasta while sipping on expensive wines. "Outwardly, they were no different from the average New Yorker, " the restaurant staff said. The most expensive dinner in the world included 2 bottles of Chateau Petrus wine, 3 bottles of La Tache Romanee Conti pinot noir and 2 1.5 liter bottles of Cristal rose champagne - about $ 5, 000 a bottle. In general, only about $ 35, 000 was paid for wine, although Zhukova Daria, who was pregnant at the time, drank only mineral water at a price of $ 16 per bottle. “Roman Arkadyevich was not at all surprised when he saw the bill presented to him, ” the waiter said. “He only asked if the service was included in it. A couple sitting at a nearby table decided that people had won a large sum of money in the lottery and decided to celebrate this event ".

The owner of the Nello's restaurant gave Abramovich a soccer ball as a special guest and offered him to buy the New York Yankees baseball team. Abramovich refused, saying, "No thanks, I have enough problems with Chelsea." As a result, the most expensive dinner in the world cost the guests 47.221, 09 US dollars for 1 hour 18 minutes of lunch. That amount included a 20% tip, but the company added another $ 5, 000 to the waiters. The total is 52, 000 kopecks.