Interesting facts about crows (Did you know that?)

Interesting facts about crows, which you probably did not know and did not ask such questions, although we see these birds every day.

- Life expectancy is a record for birds, 50-75 years, but there is data on long periods.

- They can reproduce the heard sounds, imitate the voices of other birds, during training - the speech of a person.

- Food - omnivorous, eat insects, seeds, carrion, catch rodents and other small animals, fish. Destroying the nests of other birds, they eat eggs and chicks. Carrion is found in particular in slaughterhouses.

- Ravens live in pairs, and a partner is chosen once and for life. However, it would be more accurate to say "for several years or more", since the crow lives too long for a person to have the opportunity to check every year if the partner has changed in a pair.

- Do not unite in large flocks. Usually populated areas are avoided.

- The raven is pursued by the gray ravens as an enemy. More precisely, it is mutual with them, but the crows usually keep in large flocks, which gives them an advantage.

- Very careful, avoid people. However, it is easily tamed in captivity. Chicks raised in captivity are attached to humans and can be released for a walk in free flight. A crow tied to a person may even try to protect him, showing aggression towards all outsiders.