Interesting facts about smell

It turns out that the human brain connects the sense of smell with emotions much more strongly than with the environment or sounds. Therefore, if you attach a smell or aroma to the events that have occurred, then when you feel it, you can immerse yourself in memories. Smell is a kind of time machine.

Orange peels are an alternative to alcoholic beverages. The smell of this fruit invigorates, tones and warms. Also, an orange causes in the body almost the same processes as alcohol in moderate doses - ease of communication, a cheerful mood.

The scent of lavender is loved by those who have palpable nerve problems. So if there is such a person in your environment, help him with care or just wait until his depression ends.

Lemon scent increases brain activity by fifty-four percent, which is why it is advised to drink it in the workplace - it increases performance.

The smell of chocolate in girls awakens sexual desire. When inhaled or consumed, hormones of happiness are produced, which relaxes a person and he is more willing to make contact.

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