Who Invented Toothpaste? (interesting fact)

Who Invented Toothpaste? This article will reveal this interesting fact, well, let's start: toothpaste was invented about five thousand years ago. Only its composition in those days was somewhat different from what we use now.

The ancient Egyptians were the authors of this wonderful idea. The paste consisted of a mixture of wine and pumice. Until the eighteenth century, the main ingredient in the paste was urine, because it contained ammonia, which cleans the tooth surface well. Ammonia is still a part of modern toothpastes.

Brushes have been around for quite some time, and with nylon bristles appeared in 1938.

In China, the so-called Day of Love for Your Own Teeth is celebrated on September 20. This day was introduced in order to increase public interest in maintaining dental health.

The Americans staged an action in honor of the teeth, gathering one thousand three hundred and sixty-five schoolchildren and arranging them in the shape of a toothbrush. For three minutes, the children enthusiastically brushed their teeth.

And finally, let's add a little advice for parents who need to excommunicate and have no one to leave their child with.