Physics - a selection of interesting facts

Physics - a selection of interesting facts, some of which we know thanks to school, some we will master now)

1. Nothing can burn again if it has already burned out.

2. The bubble is round, since the air inside it equally presses on all its parts, the surface of the bubble is equidistant from its center.

3. Black attracts warmth, white reflects it.

4. The whip makes a click because its tip is moving faster than the speed of sound.

5. Gasoline does not have a specific freezing point - it can freeze at any temperature from -118 C to -151 C. When freezing, gasoline does not become completely solid, but rather resembles rubber or wax.

6. The egg will float in water with added sugar.

7. Dirty snow melts faster than clean snow.

8. Granite conducts sound ten times faster than air.

9. Water in liquid form has a higher molecular density than solid. Therefore, the ice floats.

10. If a glass of water is enlarged to the size of the Earth, then the molecules of which it is composed will be the size of a large orange.

11. If we remove free space in atoms and leave only their constituent elementary particles, then a teaspoon of such a "substance" will weigh 5, 000, 000, 000, 000 kilograms. The so-called neutron stars are composed of it.

12. The speed of light depends on the material in which it propagates. Scientists managed to slow down the movement of photons to 17 meters per second by passing them through an ingot of rubidium cooled to a temperature very close to absolute zero (-273 Celsius)