Why does the swamp get sucked in? (Interesting Facts)

Why does the swamp get sucked in? - interesting facts, we read, learn and share with friends. A suction bog is called a bog, which only sucks in living objects. A bog is formed by overgrowing the water surface with moss and algae, like a green carpet. Interestingly, bog is not present in all types of bogs.

A swamp appears either due to overgrowth of water, or due to swamping of a land area. There is always excess moisture in the swamp, peat is constantly deposited.

Boggy swamp forms in lakes. Over time, reeds, water lilies, lilies grow, forming a dense carpet. And at the bottom, mosses and algae grow, which rise to the surface from the bottom. Oxygen stops flowing and it all starts to rot, forming organic waste that spreads through the water and forms a bog.

The bog belongs to the Bingham fluids. If an object of light weight hits its surface, then it will behave like a solid body, and the object will not sink. And if the weight is large, then, accordingly, it sinks.

Living objects are always completely drowned because they are moving. Even if they freeze, it will not help, because they tend to breathe. And inanimate objects are half drowned.

A drowned body does not float up even after death, so the suction process is irreversible.