Why is coffee bad for you?

Whether coffee is harmful or not, no one knows. More precisely, I'm not one hundred percent sure. The positive properties of this drink are obvious - it can dilate blood vessels, increase blood pressure, and soothe headaches. But it can also serve as an exacerbator of some hypertensive, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. If the retina is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to drink it.

Exacerbations can be obtained by overdoing it. If you drink everything in moderation, then there will be no problems.

It is better not to drink coffee either on an empty stomach or after a hearty meal. Also, along with this fragrant drink, it is better not to drink alcohol or smoke, all this greatly burdens the cardiovascular system. Various spices in coffee lead to headaches and weakness. It is best not to consume more than 2 cups per day.

Doctors advise against drinking coffee with milk because it is harmful to the skin. Others believe that milk softens the effects of coffee on the body. So how to drink coffee is up to you.