Why do flies rub their paws? (Interesting fact)

Why do flies rub their paws? - this article will reveal this interesting fact. When it gets warmer outside and the sun begins to shine, flies appear in apartments and houses, as well as in all kinds of other rooms. These insects are one of the dirtiest on the entire planet, as they carry a lot of all kinds of infection on themselves. Why do flies rub their paws when landing on some surface?

For this, specialists armed themselves with equipment in order to get a better look at these insects. It turned out that on each foot between the claws there are tiny hairs that look like stubble. And on each of these hairs there is a disc-shaped suction cup, from which fat is released, with the help of which the hairs stick together and the surface where the fly sits. This can be either a ceiling, a wooden table or glass. And when the insect rubs its limbs, then its hairs are cleaned so that later they are better sucked.

If you deprive the fly's legs of this fat, then the insect will not be able to sit on any vertical or horizontal (ceiling and other) slippery surface. It will simply fall or slide to the floor.