62 brands that changed the world from Coca Cola to AK-47

62 brands that changed the world from Coca Cola to AK-47

1. BIC - the era of disposable things, those who did not write with a BIC pen are here.

2. Gillette is the king of safety razors.

3. Johnson and Johnson - at the foundations of modern medicine.

4. Kodak - photography for all time.

5. Parker - a pen for VIPs, or the Eternal Pen.

6. Colgate - a sparkling smile forever.

7. LEGO is a smart construction set

8. Barbie - puppet megabum

9. Marlboro - image vs health

10. Ideas from IKEA

11. Wal-Mart: Any desire for your money.


12. L'Oreal is a dignified beauty

13. Avon - women for women

Food industry

14. Coca-Cola is a symbol of the United States and a drug.

15. Lipton - the empire of tea

16. Chupa Chups is the most popular candy on Earth and in space.

17. Kinder Surprise is the best gift for children

18. Maggi - from love to hate.

19. McDonald's - fast, tasty and inexpensive!

20. Glenfiddich is the world's first single malt whiskey.


21. Pfizer - Developing a Cure for Long, Happy Life.

22. Bayer - victory over pain.


23. Chanel - revolution in the world of fashion.

24. Levi's jeans are the most popular clothing of the 20th century.

Cinema, animation

25. The Disney Empire is a land of happiness.

26. Pixar is the leader in computer animation.


27. Playboy is the most successful media project of the 20th century.

28. Reuters - the fastest news in the world.

29. MTV - From Protest to Conformity.

30. The Daily Mirror is the world's first tabloid.

31. According to CNN ...

32. Burda - Become Fashionable


33. Bell telephone company (AT and T) - a call to the future.

34. Motorola - Earth Connected

35. Vodafon is the largest mobile operator.

the Internet

36. Amazon - global sales around the world

37. Google - search without restrictions.

38. Facebook - people will remember this name!

39. eBay - place your bets, gentlemen!


40. Apple - advanced IT technologies

41. Microsoft is a monopoly without borders.

42. Kaspersky: your computer's health is in good hands!

43. IBM is the first among equals.

44. Xerox Corporation - name as a phenomenon.

Financial and insurance sector

45. Visa is a global payment system.

46. ​​PayPal is a real-time payment system.

47. Western Union - money as intended and on time!

48. Lloyd's - the foundation of insurance.

Car manufacturers

49. Ford is a car accessible to everyone.

50. Mercedes-Benz - creating a car.

51. Citroёn - always original solutions.

52. Harley Davidson - motorcycle as a way of life.


53. GE - the electrification of the globe.

54. Alcoa - how aluminum ceased to be precious

55. Goodyear - road safety guarantee

56. Siemens - a global scale, large-scale solutions.

Aviation and astronautics

57. The Virgin Group is the king of transformation.

58. NASA - into space on an excursion.

59. Roskosmos continues the traditions of the great past.

60. OKB "Sukhoi" - a new generation of jet fighters.


61. Kalashnikov - AK-47 - better known than Russian vodka

62. Colt - Equalizing Americans in Rights.