20 weirdest sex laws (facts)

20 of the strangest laws about sex - so they don't think that the most terrible laws are the ones we have? In fact, the worst laws are laws that try to regulate the close relationship between two people.

And so, the most idiotic laws regarding sex

Well, do you still dream of becoming an astronaut?

Here it fell not only to people, but also to animals. Moreover, some of them will obviously suffer from extraordinary human appetites - after all, no one asked their consent.

So if you find your chosen one in Hong Kong, do not forget to learn karate before the wedding. So. Just in case.

Probably the residents of Bolivia had precedents.

Well, with these, everything is clear. Militant Mormons reproduce by budding. But how do Nevada residents breed?

So when traveling in the United States try to get dirty thoughts out of your head, otherwise you will be imprisoned.

Girls, do not marry minisot people - they smell bad and they often smell of fish not because they ate it.

And finally, my dears, may God protect you from masturbation in Indonesia ...