The most expensive diamonds and facts about them

The most expensive diamonds and facts about them that may not be familiar to you, but there is a chance to improve the situation)

Most Expensive Diamonds:

1. The Kohinoor Diamond

"Kohinoor" - just such a bright name was given to the finest diamond in the world. Its weight is not that great, only 109 carats. But the Queen of England does not value him for that. They say that in its entire history it has not been put up for auction more than once.

2. The Sancy Diamond

The Sancy is a beautiful 55.33 carat diamond. Now it is one of the most magnificent exhibits of the Louvre, although during its history it has been in the hands of merchants, bandits and sultans.

3. Cullinan Diamond

Cullinan is the fourth largest diamond, but by no means the most expensive. Its cost is 350, 000 dollars, which is not the largest amount. But believe me, its 3, 106.75 carats are worth it.

4. The Burrow Diamond

The Burrow is the most historic diamond, named after its first owner. Its rather modest, in comparison with other large diamonds, 45, 52 carats, nevertheless, was awarded $ 350, 000.

5. Diamond "Century"

“Century” is the name given to the third largest diamond in the world. It weighs 273.85 carats, which is worth $ 100, 000. It was found in South Africa and introduced in 1991.